January 3, 1994 – Monday – 9:10 p.m.

Dude!  Brandon just called me.  He got back from a ski trip and had a blast.  Miss him so much.

Last night at church, the Lord game a word to me through Shurby.  He basically said that even though every one else has given up on me, he has not.  And that he will use me in a great and huge way, but for me not to worry about anything, because I’m not the one who is doing it.  God is!  

I cried my eyes out.  God is going to take care of everything in my life.  I just show up and pray is through.  I love you Lord!

Yesterday, I told Jenna thanks for my little gift.  She laughed.  Tenielle laughed too; they’re both sweet girls.

Lord, just make us all good friends so we can help each other grow!

Ryan and Amy and her family aren’t coming to church as much as they used to.  Ryan only comes when she has children’s church and missionettes.  I haven’t seen Amy in a while.

It’s sad to see them fall away.  What has happened?

In a little over five months I will be out of high school!  The first semester will end in seven days.

Then 18 weeks of the next semester.  Although I’m in a hurry to get it over with, I realize that this will never happen in my life again.

I will take the next five months, one day at a time.

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