December 20, 1993 – Monday – 10:15 a.m.

School is out for the holidays!

Saturday evening, we went to Henry’s parent’s house for a Christmas gathering.  I received a shirt, some money, a wallet, and a little pocket knife key chain.

Church was fine yesterday.  Ryan did something new to her hair.  I complemented her.  That was the only thing I said to her.  She didn’t come that night.

Tenielle and Jenna are sisters, by the way, I had no idea.  They look nothing alike.  They weren’t there this morning, nor at the evening service.  Shar told me they were sick and then she asked me which one I liked better.  What was she talking about?

She said that both Jenna and Tenielle like me and they want to know which one I will go out with.

First of all, I didn’t think Tenielle liked me.  I saw her staring at me a few times, but, you know…

But Tenielle is twelve.

Veronica is twelve.

Jenna is thirteen.

Shar said that Tenielle likes me more than Jenna does.  I like Tenielle, but I’ve gone through all that before.  It feels so good to have a girl like me, but I just can’t.  I can’t go through all of that again.  I’ve had experience in this.  She is too young.  I know how this will turn out.

I told Shar to tell them that I turned bright red and that I don’t work through other people.  I will talk to them in person on Wednesday.

I will just be their friend.

Things will be better that way.  Tenielle may be beautiful, but I don’t think she is what I’m looking for.  Looks aren’t everything.

Jenna and Tenielle are sisters.  I can be their friend.  Perhaps we can all do stuff together; like Amy, Ryan, Cheryl, and Christi and I have done in the past.  Besides, I don’t see Christi anymore and Ryan and Amy don’t come to church as much as they used to, so I need some group of girls to hang around with.

Why not them?


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