November 25, 1993 – Thursday – 8:44 a.m.

Happy Thanksgiving.

We came up to Virginia yesterday after school.  I’m at my Grandma’s house.  On my dad’s side that is.

My dad went to work.  Kevin went with him.

We’ll eat Thanksgiving tonight at my uncle’s then go back to my mom’s side of the family and leave early in the morning.  Right now I’m recording a lot of stuff.  Different music and records.

I wonder what Ryan is doing right now.

Come on.  Control yourself, Jacob.  Ryan is just a good friend of yours.  She’s like your sister.  There is nothing between you and there never will be.  Give it a rest.  She is your friend and that is all you want her to be.  That’s all she ever will be.

Hmm.  I feel a little better.

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