November 23, 1993 – Tuesday – 11:00 p.m.

Yesterday was the 30th year anniversary of the day JFK was shot and killed.  I wish the media would give it up and let the man rest in peace.

Ryan just called me.

Why did she have to do that?  I was doing pretty good.  She hadn’t been on my mind at all recently.

I was taking a dump and the phone rang.  Kevin is back for thanksgiving, he answered.  She wanted to know if Marcus was there, he wasn’t, so she wanted to speak to me.  Knowing what I was doing, Kevin was smart enough to say that I was in my room doing my homework.

A minute later, I got finished with my business and talked to her.  She asked me what I was doing.

“Uh…nothing.”  I said.

She giggled, “Were you on the potty?”

“Dang!  You make it sound like I’m two years old.  Yes, I was.”

All she did was laugh.  She could hardly talk to me, she was laughing so hard.  I started laughing too.

But she called to tell Marcus and I that she and Cheryl were going up to Ohio for Thanksgiving and that they wouldn’t be at church until next Wednesday.  She just wanted to give her goodbyes.

For thanksgiving, we are all going to Virginia.  I’ll see my Dad and my grandparents.  Everything will be great.

Tammy, is supposed to come back for the holiday.  Hopefully I’ll be back to see her.

Ugh, what’s wrong with me?  Can’t I at least get over one girl?  I’ve done it before, but Ryan is just so perfect.  Why look for a bottle of pepsi half full when you can get the full bottle for the same price.

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